Will My Spouse’s Bad Credit And Debts Affect Me?

Couple with good and bad credit score turning against each other.

08 Nov Will My Spouse’s Bad Credit And Debts Affect Me?

Marriage may be the joining of two people in love, but it can also bring financial ties that have a lasting impact. If you’re looking to secure personal loans, you may be wondering how your spouse’s bad credit and debt situation could influence your own borrowing capacity and credit score. Find out what impact your spouse’s financial history, both before and during marriage, could have, and get strategies to improve your financial situation together.

Applying for NZ personal loans

Credit scores are calculated based on an individual’s credit history, so when you apply for NZ personal loans, lenders will assess your credit score and credit history only. Any bad debt or a line of credit held by one spouse before marriage won’t affect the other spouse’s credit score.

When it comes to bad credit and debt incurred during a marriage or de facto relationship, unless the debt is in both your names – such as on a mortgage for joint ownership of a home, or a joint credit card – your spouse’s bad debt won’t affect your credit score.

However, while it’s true that you may have led financially independent lives before marriage and that your credit score is your own to manage, your spouse’s pre-marriage or current debt could still indirectly impact your ability to secure finance, as it could influence your joint financial situation when applying for joint finance.

That’s because lenders may consider combined household income and overall financial stability when assessing loan applications, so any debt or bad credit incurred by one spouse could affect the couple’s joint borrowing capacity, leading to a lower overall loan approval, higher interest rates and charges, or even a decline to a loan application.

Separate vs. joint personal loans

There are some scenarios in which it makes sense to apply for a loan with your spouse as co-borrower. This is usually the case when it comes to home loans or large secured personal loans, where two incomes are required to pay back the loan. In this situation, the loan provider may consider both credit scores.

However, if your spouse’s bad credit is a concern, applying for a loan separately may be the right option. That could help you secure better terms provided your own credit is in good standing. Keep in mind though that joint applications can sometimes result in higher borrowing capacity due to combined incomes, so it’s important to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each approach based on your unique situation.

Additionally, before taking out a loan on your spouse’s behalf, consider that any debt incurred in your name becomes your responsibility, regardless of whether or not you own whatever it is you’re paying for. Should your situation change or the relationship end, you could end up paying back someone else’s loan without any recourse.

Improving your finances together

Facing financial challenges as a couple can be daunting, but it’s essential you’re open and transparent about your financial situation. Work together to create a comprehensive budget that encompasses both your incomes, expenses, and debts. Discuss strategies to pay off existing debts and avoid accumulating new debt until your financial situation improves. If your spouse has bad credit, find ways to improve their credit situation, such as debt consolidation loans or bad credit loans that can actually help re-build credit over time.

Getting a loan with bad credit

Having bad credit or a spouse with bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to secure NZ personal loans. Some lenders in New Zealand offer loans specifically designed for those with less-than-perfect credit scores and, while these loans may come with slightly higher (yet still competitive) interest rates, they can be a lifeline for couples facing temporary financial setbacks.

Before making any decisions that could impact your financial future, it is best to seek advice from an expert, such as the Personal Lending Advisers at Max Loans. Whether you choose to apply for NZ loans separately or jointly, maintaining open communication and working towards shared financial goals will set the foundation for a brighter financial future.

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