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Interest rates

6.99% to 18.95%

Loan term

1 to 7 years

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Dreaming of a spacious kitchen or modern bathroom? Are you planning a home renovation but don’t have the money saved to kick-start your projects? Why not get a Home Improvement Loan from Max Loans and make your dream a reality!



Too hard to get finance from your bank?


With Max Loans, it’s quick and easy:


You don’t need to refinance or break your existing mortgage. A Home Improvement Loan is a completely separate loan.


Alternatively, our experienced Mortgage Advisers can work with you to help increase your home loan:

  • Lower interest rates than other loans
  • Longer and more affordable repayment plan
  • Larger loan amount available


To discuss your mortgage needs and options, email us or give us a call on 0508 629 5626 to arrange a free, no-obligation chat!



How does home improvement finance work?


At Max Loans, we understand that home renovation is a great way of adding value to your house. Renovation doesn’t always go smoothly, however, Max Loans will make sure your home renovation loan does. With a Home Improvement Loan ahead of time, you will be able to know exactly how much you can spend on your projects and budget realistically.


As one of the most experienced and trusted Personal Lending Advisory businesses in NZ, we know exactly who to talk to about sourcing the best Home Improvement Loan to suit your target figure and financial situation. There is no need for you to talk to a variety of lenders and explain your situation many times. Applying for a Home Improvement Loan with Max Loans is easy and fast. Simply fill out our quick and easy online application form.


However, before applying for a Home Improvement Loan, make sure you take a close look at your situation – your finances and future plans –and review alternative financing options, such as increasing your home loan to fund your renovation project, to help you make better and well-informed decisions. Talk to us to discuss your options, including the risks and disadvantages of each potential option and how we can help find a solution that best fits your needs and lifestyle!



What can a Home Improvement Loan be used for?


You can use a Home Improvement Loan for many purposes, whether it’s for a few simple upgrades or costly new additions, Max Loans is here to help. Common home improvement loans are for:

  • Modernising or re-modeling kitchens and bathrooms
  • Adding another bedroom or more
  • Maximizing internal space
  • Replacing roof
  • Building and maintaining central heating, air-conditioning, fireplaces
  • Repairs, double-glazing and general cleanliness



How much can I borrow?


Use our personal loan calculator to see how much you could be able to borrow and what your repayments would be like. Please be aware that the calculation is intended as a guide only, and the actual amounts vary depending on your circumstances. Results are based on an average interest rate of 17.95%. Our fee schedule will be covered within your loan offer and is available on request. At Max Loans, we will try our best to provide you with a Home Improvement Loan that suits you best.



Why get a Home Improvement Loan through Max Loans?


There are many reasons why a Home Improvement Loan from Max Loans is an excellent option:

  • With a Home Improvement Loan from Max Loans ahead of time, you will be able to know exactly how much you can spend on your projects and budget realistically.
  • The interest rates offered on home improvement loans we arrange are fixed and very competitive.
  • We can approve Home Improvement Loan terms to up to seven years according to your financial situation.
  • Flexible loan repayment options are available, which can be matched to when you get paid.
  • We have excellent options of repayment insurance as well, which can provide peace of mind.
  • We specialize in NZ loans and have been helping Kiwis since 2012.



Contact us for more information


Contact Max Loans today and let us help you begin your renovation journey!

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