Secured Personal Loans

What can a personal loan be used for?

We know what life is like. Sometimes you may need to buy some new appliances for your family, perhaps you’re planning a wedding, have a holiday in mind or have an unexpected situation to take care of – whatever it is, a personal loan can help take care of it.


Remember that if you want to do a range of things with your finance, getting a loan for a holiday as well as a loan for a car for example, thats no problem at all. You aren’t limited to just the loan types you see here. Don’t forget that we can also use a home as security – this may be yours or someone else that you know who is willing to be a guarantor.

Can I afford it?

We will make sure that we will get all the right information from you to make sure you stay within your means and that the loan isn’t a financial burden. Plus we can make sure that any repayments are in line with when you get paid just to make budgeting that bit easier. To see get an idea of what repayments may look like, check out our calculator.

Find out what you can get using our handy loan calculator