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At Max Loans, we specialise in providing Kiwis with an easy, fast and fair way to get personal loans NZ wide – from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island.

A range of loans

Whether you are looking for bad credit loans, car loans, debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans, or any other types of personal loans, either through a secured or unsecured loan, we have a broad range of financial solutions available for you.

Years of experience

Having been in NZ finance since 2012, we are one of New Zealand’s leading loan brokers. We know the market inside out and have developed a diverse panel of quality, trustworthy lenders.


Offering our customers maximum service at minimum fuss is what we do, and we will continue to exhaust every possible avenue to help you and your family live your best financial life.

Why use Max Loans for your personal loans and finance?

We understand what it’s like to need a loan. We actually listen and understand your situation

We treat you like a person rather than a problem

We are a broker so through our strong lender relationships we get you the best loan to suit you and your situation

Having one broker contact means you don’t have to tell your story five times to five different lenders

With Max Loans having access to a pool of lenders means your chances of approval are higher

We provide our existing customers with a completely stress-free way to top up their loans

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