Bad Credit Loans

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Having a bad credit history doesn’t mean the end of your financial life! Bad credit loans are not a “You have a default, therefore you must accept an horrific interest rate” – they are simply a refinement of a lender’s normal lending criteria made available to borrowers who fall outside those typical lending guidelines.

bad credit – will you accept my application

As brokers, we have a number of lenders that approve loans. Some will ignore a few paid defaults, some will ignore a lot of unpaid defaults. It will always ultimately come down to your profile.

A bad credit loan isn’t for everyone. If you are just out of bankruptcy or a No Asset Procedure (NAP or worst acronym ever) there typically isn’t much we can do. However if you have an old, but-now-paid telephone account default, or have a good reason for a financial default and perhaps a car or property as security then a bad credit loan arrangement could be for you.

Ultimately we are here to help. If we can’t approve you for what you want, we can at least try and help you back on your feet and help repair your credit history and make life easier in the future.

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the Max Loans difference

What makes us different that other loan companies, you ask? Well, for starters, we don’t have a certain loan type you have to fit in.

  • If you need to consolidate your debts from a couple of credit cards and also go on a overseas holiday, that’s fine.
  • If you want a car loan for a new car and you’d also like to buy a few extras for it at the same time, we can look at that.
  • Or if you want a personal loan for a TV that takes up half the wall (call it a ‘feature’), bring it on!


You just need to tell us what the loan is for and we’ll find a loan package that fits your needs. It’s a simple, one stop application solution. And if we can’t get quite what you want, we’ll come back with what we can do. Like, if we can’t get you approved for $10.000 perhaps we can get you approved for $8,000.

All you need to do is fill in our online loan application form, one of our account managers will look over everything and let you know what we can do – we won’t even run a credit check until we think we can help – that way we’ll help protect your credit rating!

Go on; see what we can do for you – minimum fuss, maximum service at Max Loans.

getting a loan for a bad credit situation

Best thing to do is just to fill out an application form. Tell us about your bad credit and how it came about and a bad credit personal loan could be tailored to suit you before you know it.


get it sorted with a Max Loanor take 10 minutes and apply online

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