Have you heard about Repco Beach Hop? Are you a classic car enthusiast? Read on to find out more details.

What is the Repco Beach Hop?

The Repco Beach Hop is New Zealand’s number 1 Nostalgia Festival that celebrates the best of the 50’s & 60’s. There are many things for which Repco Beach Hop is known: most notably, the music, retro style, and the droves of classic cars that fill the town for the week.


Max Loans are proud to be one of its supporters. For as long as most regular Beach Hop attendees remember, Saturday has been the big one.  At the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction, classic car enthusiasts are able to see a fantastic line up of classic cars on display for sale.  At the Repco Beach Hop, we have been working with classic car enthusiast for many years and are ideally placed to help buyers secure finance (if needed) to enable them to obtain the classic car of their dreams.

When and where was the Repco Beach Hop 2020?

The Repco Beach Hop ran over 5 days from Wednesday November 25th to Sunday November 29th 2020 and was held at 4 different beautiful spots on the Paradise Coast, Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand.  The first three days were held at Waihi, Whitanga and Onemana respectively with the last two days held in the beautiful seaside resort of Whangamata.

When and where was the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction 2020?

The Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction 2020 was held at the Whangamata RSA Car Park, from 10am to 3pm with Auction at 1-2pm on Saturday 28th November 2020.  There were around 50 classic cars on the yard for sale, with 10 exclusive classic cars up for auction.


The great thing about the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction is that it brings more people to see the car owner’s pride & joy and raises their chance to sell their classic car!  It also provides potential buyers the opportunity to see a collection of stunning classic cars up for sale all in the one place and because Max Loans offers classic car finance, we can help buyers secure their classic car dream at a great interest rate!

Can I apply to register my car for sale at the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction?

Yes, we hold the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction every year at the Beach Hop. Any car made before 1972 can apply to register for sale. Later model USA cars may apply to register however entry is at our discretion and our decision is final. Car entrants need to register and pay an entry/listing fee.


Please feel free to contact us at info@maxloans.co.nz if you are ready to sell your classic car. Further information will follow once we’ve received your email.

Does my car need a WOF or Rego to enter the Max Loans Classic Car Fair and Auction?

Yes – all cars must have a legal registration and WOF. The Police have requested that we check all vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy. This is due to the small minority of vehicles that have caused problems for the Police in the past – they did not have a Rego/WOF.